International Workshop (8-9 April 2019)

Caribbean Institute for Health Research

University of the West Indies, Mona

Kingston, Jamaica

Monday 8 April

09:00-09:30:    Registration

09:30-09:40:    Host welcome – Professor Susan Walker, Director, CAIHR

09:40-10:00:    Updates on the MILEAGE project - Professor Irina Korichneva

10:00-10:30:    Secondment progress - Professor John H. Beattie

10:30-11:00     Coffee Break

Project Progress Discussions

11:00-11:15:    Work Package 1 - Professor Irina Korichneva, Professor John H. Beattie

11:15-11:30:    Work Package 2 - Professor Miguel Arredondo

11:30- 11:45:    Work Package 3 - Professor John H. Beattie, Scientific update by Ms. Racquel Wright

11:45-12:00:    Work package 4 - Professor Irina Korichneva

12:00-13:00:    Lunch

Scientific presentations by participants, secondment proposals

13:00- 13:30    Professor Miguel Arredondo (UCHILE): Copper Homeostasis

13:30- 13:50    Professor Rodolphe Fischmeister (INSERM): Research Objectives at INSERM U1180

13:50-14:20    Dr Andrew Golub (IFLAB): Computational Drug Discovery in Ion Transport

14:20-14:45    Professor Marvin Reid (UNIWI): Research Objectives at CAIHR

14:45-15:30    Coffee Break

Scientific presentations by participants, student presentations

15:30- 15:45:    Plasma Zinc and copper in the Jamaican elderly sarcopenia patients - Bentley Chambers

15:45-16:00:    Pathways of zinc metabolism in cell cultures - Sherine Whyte

16:00-16:15:    Metabolomics and Microbiomes – Daniel Thomas

16: 15-17:00:    Round table discussion, wrap up of day’s activities- Professor John H. Beattie

19:00-21:30:    Cocktails at Long Mountain 

Tuesday 9 April

Scientific presentations by participants, secondment proposals

09:00-09:30:    Professor Helen Asemota (Biotech Centre): Mineral composition and bio fortification of tuber crops

09:30-10:00:    Professor Jorg Feldmann (UNIABDN), Minerals and the heart

10:00-10:30:    Coffee Break

10:30-10:50:    Professor Asha Badaloo (UNIWI): Micronutrients intake in Jamaican elderly

10:50- 11:10:    Dr Nadia Bennett (ERU, CAIHR): Vascular Function and Aging

11:10-11:30:    Professor Vladimir Veksler (INSERM):Mitochondrial Function and Life Cycle as Determinants of Cardiac Function and Longevity

11:30- 11:50:    Dr Monika Asnani (SCU, CAIHR): The Sickle cell heart

11:50 -12:20:    Dr Douladel Tyndale (UNIWI): Profile of the Jamaican elderly

12:20-12:30:    Round table discussion

12:30-2:30:    Lunch

12:30-2:30:    Project Management Board working lunch (Requires attendance by at least one representative from each Consortium Institution)

14:30-17:00:    Tour of the Institute/Campus

18:30-19:30:    Dinner:Chillin