Training School (3-4 September 2018)

The Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, UK

Monday 3rd September (Room 2.046)

09:00-09:30: Registration and Coffee/Snacks

09:30-09:35: Host welcome to the University and Aberdeen (JHB)

09:35-09:50:  Coordinator’s introduction to the MILEAGE project (IK)

09:50-10:30:  Overviews of partner participation (JHB, IK, AG)

10:30-10:45:  Coffee Break

10:45-11:30:  Overviews of partner participation (VF, MR, MA)

11:30-12:15:  Body and organ mineral homeostasis (JHB)

12:15-13:15:  Lunch

13:15-14:00:  Cells in mineral homeostasis (IK)

14:00-14:45:  Mineral nutrition in Jamaica (MR)

14:45-15:30:  Calcium in heart function (AG)

15:30-15:45:  Coffee Break

15:45-16:30:  Calcium metabolism and signalling (RM)

16:30-17:15:  Copper and zinc metabolism in relation to oxidative stress (AB)

19:00-21:30:  Dinner, venue to be announced

Tuesday 4th September (Room 2.046)

09:00-09:45:  Chemical speciation of metals and biological impact (JF)

09:45-10:30:  Mineral Chemistry (EK)

10:30-10:45: Coffee Break

10:45-11:30:  Designer chemicals for mineral homeostasis regulation (VF)

11:30-12:15:  Impact of gut microflora composition on nutrient absorption (PL)

12:15-13:15:  Lunch

13:15-14:00:  Iron homeostasis, cardiovascular disease and epigenetics (MA)

14:00-17:00:  Tours of the Institute with demonstrations of mineral analysis methodology

17:00-17:30:  Closing comments

Project Management Board (PMB) Meeting

15:00-17:00:  Agenda to follow. Requires attendance of IK, JHB, AG, VF, MR, MA but can be attended by any other meeting participants.


IK: Irina Korichneva
JHB: John Beattie
AG: Ana Gomez
VF: Vladimir Fetyukhin
MR: Marvin Reid
MA: Miguel Arredondo

RM:  Romuald Mentaverri
AB:  Asha Badaloo
JF:  Joerg Feldmann
EK:  Eva Krupp
PL:  Petra Louis