Secondments are the bread and butter of RISE grants. They earn the money to fund not only the secondment travel, accommodation and subsistence but also the research, network activities and all the other project expenses. Without secondments, there is no funding.

The European Commission have devised a system whereby funding can be denied retrospectively if a secondment is deemed to be ineligible at audit. Since each Beneficiary is responsible for their own budget, every Beneficiary must devise their own strategy to demonstrate secondment eligibility. The eligibility questionnaire on this site is intended only for guidance, and legal responsibility for ensuring eligibility rests with each Beneficiary’s Contracts/Legal Office. Commission guidance on "best practice" for proof of full-time secondment activities is provided here.

Eligibility consists of a) meeting all metric and qualification criteria outlined in the Grant Agreement, b) showing evidence that the secondment took place and c) demonstrating that the secondment contributed to the project scientific objectives. Evidence can take different forms but an archive of such evidence must be maintained for up to 5 years after completion of the grant in case of audit.

Secondments to any partner must be between 1 and 12 calendar months duration but can be split into two or more fragments of any length so long as the total secondment duration is a minimum of one calendar month and a maximum of 12 calendar months. The budget is fixed and so the number of fragments may be limited by travel costs. Secondment duration includes travel time and each staff member cannot exceed a total of 12 months of secondments to all partners during the Project.

Secondments are not allowed between partners in EU countries or associated countries unless they are cross-sectoral. 

Each secondment-month raises €4,500, with €2,500 going towards institutional costs. All seconded staff must receive €2,000/month top-up allowance as an EU requirement and anything less than this invalidates RISE funding for the secondment. Payments for periods between 1 and 12 calendar months are made pro rata, and an incomplete month will be reimbursed at 1/30 of the monthly unit cost per day (i.e. 150 €/per day).

Within 20 days of the start date, secondments must be declared on the EU MILEAGE website, which is accessed through the EU Funding and Tender Portal. Navigate to the Researchers tab under Continuous Reporting. On completion of your secondment, please submit a report to the coordinator and also an EU evaluation questionnaire on your experience.