Reporting Process

It is important that seconded staff understand their reporting obligations. They must declare their secondment within 20 days of starting it, and this is achieved by signing into the MSCA Portal at Funding and Tender Opportunities.

Login with the top right button and select the MILEAGE Project from "My Projects" on the left-hand menu bar.

Scroll down to the listed MILEAGE Project and select the "Actions" button --> Manage Project.

Select "Continuous Reporting" and then the "Researchers" tab,

If this is the first time to declare a secondment, add the researcher to the library table.

Add a declaration to the declaration table. If this is the second or subsequent secondment by the same researcher to the same host, be sure to declare a split secondment by editing the the first declaration and adding the current visit under the "Secondment Period" tab.

Please submit a report to the co-ordinator after returning from secondment.

Please complete an EU questionnaire for returning seconded staff.